OAAs areant scary, there fun for me.All you have to do on the OAAs  is answer quetions, read caerfully,not talk, and concetrate.Thats all!Theres one thing I forgot,use your stretgies!!!If you don’t know any here are some,

read the quetions cearfully

reread the text

use context clules


go back and reread the text

be cofident in your self

take all you know into the test!

I hope you can use  thes stretigies second through every grade that takes one staderd test.Well good luk!

Long Multiplication!

Long multiplication is surprising easy.All you have to do is put up a multiplication problem.The top numbers should be 2 diget.Then the bottem number can be 1 diget or more.Here i’ll tell you the steps.First you write a muliplication problem.Then you do somthing were you take the bottem number, the  number from the top and the number that is lined up with the bottem number you should  do multiplication.You no what this is hard to explane for me so I have a video for you.I hope this video helpe you!Here are some problems.You can use  the video for help.Here thay are:27 times 5, 87  times 6. 134 times 7 , 1,564 times 6.Thanks for visiting.

My Prezi!

Hello everybody! This is my Prezi.A prezi is a way to do a book report,presitation,and manny more.You can go to “Prezi.com.”Prezis are easy to make you just go to log in then hit make an new prezi.Then it should guid you from then on.As you see I did a web  but ther are menny different prezis you can do.Heres my prezi!

Response to ”Fish oil and Asprin Cures Arthrits!”

Acording to all new reasech from Brigham, Womans hospital, and ” Harverd metical school in Bosten”  teamd up to cure thes illnises hart diseses,cancer,arthrites, and alzeimer’s.


That was a little bit about  the artical I read on happynews.com.First the artical talked about all the people who took there time to study and test different medisons and other things to help cure different diseses like arthrits.Nexed it talked about there discovory. I thought it was an great discovory. My summory would be longer but I tried  to hit ” read more” but it took me to some plaece else.

     This is a picture of Hardvord medical school in Bostin.


Hello everyone.My class is learing poerty and it is fun. Here are some kinds of poetry that we are learing about.

Dianante: in the shape of a dimond with opizits.

Huiku , Bio poem , personification , Rap , and meany more.

What have you learnd about?


Presidents Facts.

Lets learn about presidents.Here is a qwiz.Remember to use your brian.The qwiz is over on the 8 of Febuery.Be sure to coment! 🙂

List all you know about preidents and i will give you qwetns.

Who is the second preident?

Who seved  four terms?

What is the preidents dogs name ( to days preident)

Wich presidet said a spech in Gettysburg

Good luck!!!!!!!!!!


My Life. on PhotoPeach

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Backhand springs

Hello everyone.I just did my backhand spring last Friday. I was so excited bacause backhand springs aren’t esay. A  backhand spring is where you sit down in a wall sit postion and swing your arms then jump up and go back then you swing your legs over your head and land on your feet.Do not do this if you do not have a mat and if you can not do a birge.Well wish me luck on mine.:)

This is is a better discription.

In gymnastics, a back handspring is done by jumping into a rainbow body with hands on the floor before flipping the body over and finishing tall. Do a back handspring after stretching, with the help of a spotter, with tips from a recreation program director in this free video on gymnastics.

Response to ” When Jessie came across the sea”

On my class blog my teacher put up a post asking us questions about the book “When Jessie came across the sea”.  My teacher asked us some questions like, Why did the people that didn’t live in America call it the promised land?  My answer was they called it the promised land because they thought the streets were paved with gold.  The second question was What strategies did you use while we were reading the book?  My answer was creating pictures in my mind and rereading the text in my head.Do you use those strategies do you use when you are reading?